The Fully Charged Institute has combined research on creating more active spaces for people to live and work with research on how large organizations can utilize distributed networks to achieve organizational effectiveness. We take a strategic approach to how leaders can leverage human potential and decentralized networks to be more effective in the marketplace.









The Challenge

We live in a world that has been engineered so that we are in motion as little as possible. The default position for almost everything and work in life: seated.

Almost every environment we enter minimizes activity. The typical workspace is composed of a desk and a chair. Meeting room design usually makes it feel awkward or even disrespectful if one person decides to stand for a while. Most restaurants and homes have similar issues. Almost all classrooms and large learning spaces force people to sit so others can see, despite the fact that such a seating arrangement causes people to tune out and learn less.

Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands

After spending several years trying to change these poor default environments, we recognized the need to start from scratch. We wanted to show people how much more energizing all of these spaces can be if they are built to encourage movement as the default. It is clear from a great deal of recent research that when people engage in a mix of sitting, standing, and walking throughout the day, they are more productive, creative, and collaborative, learn more, and have greater overall well-being.

Thus the Charging Lab was born. In the lab, we don't just talk about the workplace of the future; we've created it. We’ve built a customized space to prototype the cutting edge in different workplace configurations and experiment with ways in which the work environment can foster healthier employees and more meaningful interactions.


The Institute is now accepting applications for membership. Organizations may select up to 25 high-performing leaders per year for an exclusive leadership experience. We will assist the organization in selecting the 25 leaders best suited to lead by example and positively influence their teams.

1. How can teams work together in a new environment to better solve organizational issues?

2. How can we customize workplaces that suit specific individual needs?

3. How can executives lead by example and positively influence their teams on an ongoing and lasting basis?



The Immersion

We work directly with leaders to examine their typical day and identify which points are most and least energizing. We take an anthropological view, observing and noting specific usage patterns. The information we gather helps us tailor the leaders’ experience at the lab and allows us to make broader recommendations about how to scale the fully charged concepts in their particular organization.

Step 1

Review and Baseline

The team spends two days on site at our Charging Lab and accompanying lodge in the Blue Ridge Mountains learning from leading authors and experts on topics such as leadership, learning while being active, well-being, engagement, and cultivating networks. Members will also have a chance to prototype their personal work environment in our lab and receive discounts through some of our partners on active-learning equipment for their own workspace.

Step 2

Charging Lab Immersive Retreat

As a part of the visit to the lab, we will help each leader craft a personal charging plan detailing how they plan to implement what they’ve learned when they get back to their regular environment. We work one on one with each person to prototype and configure one of our virtual offices in or near the lab.

Step 3

Personal Performance and Charging Plan

Members will receive recommendations and coaching on how best to scale the fully charged concepts in their organization. We work with participants to prearrange discounts on appropriate configurations and make sure they are actually doing something differently when they get home. Members also gain early access to books, invitations to events, and ongoing regular coaching.

Step 4

Implementing Sustainable Changes


Leaders in Residence